When a guest logs in to your property’s Wi-Fi network it should be simple: When they launch their web browser and try to visit a website and they’re presented with a login page; they fill in the necessary information, accept the terms and conditions, and get access to the internet. But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes when guests try to log in, they never see the login page. Why does that happen, and what can you do about it?

The answer is usually surprisingly simple: In order to get to our login page, a guest must first attempt to access a web page that begins with HTTP. That will trigger the appearance of our login page. However, if the guest visits a page that begins with HTTPS, our login page will never appear, and the guest won’t be able to access the Wi-Fi. (This is true for most hotel login pages, not only for GuestLinX  Hospitality WiFi  login pages.)

Rest assured that even when a guest accesses your Wi-Fi by first visiting an unsecured (HTTP) page, once they log in, They will be secure within your network.

So the next time a guest complains of being unable to log in, check first whether they’ve tried to visit an unsecured (HTTP) website such as www.cnn.com or www.abc.com. Most likely, if they do that, our login screen will appear and they will be able to gain access to the internet.